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CDE Machinery are the sole UK distributor for Kolmag CNC machine centres, presses, guillotones and wood drying ovens.

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CDE Machinery are the sole UK distributor of the Kolmag range of CNC machining centres, presses, ovens, routers, guillotines and wood shredders from this long-established and respected Italian manufacturer. We also have access at all times to a wide range of pre-owned equipment, in particular CNC routers and beam saws.

Kolmag Routers & Machining Centres

CDE Machinery supply CNC machine work centers built by Kolmag

Kolmag CNC routers and machining centres are designed to meet the customer's needs using elements from the ML, E, M, P & TWIST ranges.

Kolmag Presses

CDE Machinery supply membrane presses manufactured by by Kolmag

CDE Machinery Ltd offer the widely respected Kolmag membrane press and a range of heavy duty hot and cold platen presses.

Wood Chippers and Shredders

Kolmag offer heavy duty design and construction of chippers and shredders which are available in a range of sizes and designs.

Kolmag Hydraulic Guillotines

CDE Machinery offer a range of Kolmag hydraulic guillotines

We offer a wide range of Kolmag guillotines for cutting and splicing wood veneers.

Wood Drying Ovens

CDE Machinery offer a range of wood drying ovens and kilnss

We provide various wood drying ovens with specifications to suit your business.

Pre-owned & factory rebuilt machines

CDE Machinery sell pre-owned and factory rebuilt CNC machines

...selling quality pre-owned and factory rebuilt machinery for years.

CDE Machinery Ltd is a specialist supplier of CNC machining centres, presses, wood drying ovens, CNC routers and wood shredders and chippers manufactured in Italy. Established more than a decade ago, the owner Nigel Smith has spent his working life in manufacturing industry and for the last 30 years in the woodworking machinery sector. Machines supplied by CDE can also be used to cut, press and machine materials such as MDF, engineering plastic, acrylic, rigid foam, composites, aluminium and even stainless steel.

Kolmag CNC machine centres and presses from CDE Machinery

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CDE Machinery, sole UK distributor for Kolmag

Why CDE Machinery?

Browse our website for further information and where applicable you will be able to visit the manufacturers' websites for more details regarding product ranges and specification. When you consider the purchase of a CNC router, a press or a beam saw, let CDE Machinery know what you want it to do for you, as it's difficult to buy a bad machine, but too easy to buy the wrong machine.